At WeldWerks, we relentlessly pursue the creation of unique and innovative beer with the goal of instilling a contagious loyalism among both our beloved fans (new and old) as well as our all-important retail partners. Our mantra – Dialed-In Beer – speaks to a self-directed, almost innate desire to continually fine tune processes and procedures, all of which help to craft a world-class experience that will constantly distinguish us in an ever-changing industry, now and for years to come.

In the grand scheme of beer’s long, glorious history, we understand we play only a small role, but we approach that role with great reverence, intent on developing a company that will stand the test of time. We are not just here and now: long-term sustainability underpins nearly every decision we make, big or small. See our website for our much shorter but still glorious history –

As a company, we seek to leverage freedom and framework against one another. Freedom comes in the form of giving every team member the explicit trust to act in WeldWerks’ best interest, while the framework gently guides efforts and instructs movements. One of our strongest assets is the accumulation of raw talent, but being that it is raw, we also recognize the absolute necessity of coaching and constant support. True innovation cannot occur without having the complete liberty – grace, even – to fail, and when that failure occurs (which is inevitable), we will be open to criticism, with the understanding that it will be compassionate, caring and motivating, not abrasive or judgmental.

Our passion for both sustainability and people-power means that we seek to create long-term careers wherever we can. While we would love those careers to be with WeldWerks, we also embrace education and mentorship in an effort to set our team members up for any and all opportunities which may arise in the future. In exchange for that support, we expect our team to embrace the challenge of lofty targets as well as the collaborative approach necessary to hit them.

At WeldWerks we embrace figuring out the hard stuff and we welcome our team members to push us, challenge us and encourage us to do better. As a result, we’re not afraid to break down and build back up again—to constantly dial it in until we get it right. Think of us as an ever-evolving band of misfits that, together, steer the ship. So join this glorious crew. We are WeldWerks.

Career Opportunities

Please Note: We are passively collecting applications for the role of Taproom Ambassador here, but may not currently have an opening. We will regularly review incoming resumes and reach out as openings arise. Don't hesitate to stop by our taproom or reach out via email if you have further inquiries. We appreciate your interest and patience Job Title: Taproom Ambassador FLSA Status: Non…
We are currently seeking to fill both full-time and part-time positions Job Title: Line Cook FLSA Status: Non Exempt Reports To: General Manager Starting Pay: $17.00 per hour + Tip Pool Wages Who we are: WeldWerks Brewing is a fast-growing, locally owned, and operated craft brewery in historic downtown Greeley, Colorado. We execute our unique and original product line with the highest…